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May 2010

And Just Because…

…we haven’t had any PURE RUFFNESS like this on here for absolutely aaaaaaaaages…

Edcase – Untitled (Ed’s Venture EP Side A)

From an obscure 1993 white label, this is a Darkside tune from those amazing few months that saw t…

Another Choon for the Sun

Alex Neri – The Wizard

Here’s some lush summery Italian House (see picture) from 1992, kicking off with a no-nonsense big club bassline the percussion creeps in with some nice cowbell and the tune progresses at quite a pace with large sp…


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Solar Gets His, Tenfold

A hero (in my book) has hacked into Solar’s e-mail and Twitter accounts and is pushing this scumbag forward to bring a little justice to the situation. Following the tragic departure of one of the iconic vocal pillars of hip hop, this new string of lea…

Lion Man

lion man lion you have left marks upon my body
like he draws upon paper but with bruises
lion man lion you have left marks upon my heart
like he draws upon paper but with bruises

oh i crawl into your mouth
inbetween the gaps inbetween your teeth
i li…

Redlight – Stupid [Instrumental]

Clipz comes back under a new pseudo, Redlight, dropping some serious old school rave business. I’ve only heard a handful of joints, but Stupid is his latest coming on Digital Soundboy. The original features vocals by Roses Gabor, but the instrumental i…


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Campaign tracks (4)

For the Labour Party:

BBC Sound Effects – Train Crash

And so to New Labour.

I thought long and hard about what song would best capture the momentum of the campaign. There were several strong contenders, e.g:

Wedding Present – ̶…

Chris Carrier // Gosse De Paris LP

Parisian Chris Carrier drops his debut long-player on Phil Week’s Robsoul imprint. Deep and tech house meet funk, soul and disco. The results are outstanding. Don’t sleep. Check the title cut:BUY: Chris Carrier – Gosse De Paris LP @ Beatport