Words of wisdom from Snoop Dogg

No-nonsense Snoop Dogg spells out advantages of Twitter

Avid Tweeter Snoop Dogg spoke to The Daily Record this week, stating that Twitter is now the most important life-line artists have to their fans and those who aren’t on it are jeopardising their chances of making money.

The rapper, who has over 3 million (wow!) followers on the micro-blogging site, said he felt Twitter is “the number one key in music right now. Having that relationship with fans where it’s not based on your record label, it’s based on you… If I trust you and have a relationship with you, and you are telling me you are putting a record out and it’s going to be good, I’m going to buy it because I trust you”. CMU Daily

Some may call it a simplistic way of looking at it, but of course Snoop is right. So, get Tweeting!

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