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Quinten 909′s Latest

Quinten 909 has released some fantastic remixes and originals this year. He typically leans to french sounding filter disco, so this latest track – a remix of Sick Boy’s Snap – is something a bit different, with all of his strong production sensibilities. Quinten 909 on Soundcloud Fred Falke – When I Look Into Your [...]

MMMatthias’ Best Nu-Disco of 2010

Matthias is a DJ/Producer working out of Germany, with a distinctly french touch to his remixes and DJ mix. He put together the mix below “CHORDS” to celebrate his favourite nu-disco tracks of the year, and he mixed in some old favourites for good measure. The first track is his most recent remix, of Phonat’s [...]

Reign’s Darkstep Warrior 400 subs Dubstep Mix

Lately I’ve had a few comments from people who feel like different sub-genres of dubstep are under-represented on Salacious Sound. I think that’s probably true – I tend to focus on more unconventional stuff (for dubstep, that is) which is more accessible. The dubstep I like has tight production, plenty of empty space, strong percussion, [...]

Tron – Purple Legacy Remix by ill-esha

the music i like to make changes form constantly… things i like? drum & bass, downtempo, dubstep, glitch-hop, well written pop music, funk, soul, reggae, indie rock, oldskool punk music, jazz, classical… i’m a film composer, dj, music producer, instrumentalist, vocal and audio engineer if you ever need me.. ill-esha on Soundcloud Tron – Purple [...]

Moskardi’s Latest Deep Tech House Track Catmandu

This is the latest tech house selection by prolific Brazilian deep beats producer Moskardi, which he sent my way yesterday. Moskardi has really grown his style this year, and has produced dozens of extremely high quality tracks which he regularly releases on his soundcloud channel. Check him out, and let us know your thoughts with [...]

Saturday Mixcast: Elite Force

This week’s mix is by production heavyweight Elite Force, featuring a ton of great upcoming electro, house, dubstep, with heaping servings of bass throughout. Elite Force is a ‘seasoned’ professional, with over 14 years of recorded output behind him. He currently releases on his own ‘U&A’ imprint, as well as on Lot 49 and DJs [...]

Russ Chimes Remixes Booka Shade

Huge! Russ Chimes is on track to being one of my favourite artists of 2010 for his incredible remixes. I first discovered him when I heard his remix of Ellie Goulding’s Starry Eyed, and have been hooked ever since. For him to tackle an act like Booka Shade is a big deal, and testament to [...]

Calvertron Delivers a Stunning Drum & Bass Remix of Kanye’s Blame Game

Calvertron has graced Salacious with several great remixes in the past, so I was delighted to discover this morning his latest work. He’s at a caliber of artistry now, so to have him tackle something like this AND release it as a free bootleg is just awesome. Fans are in your debt sir! Show him [...]

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